Hair Dandruff Treatment at Home

7 Best Remedies for Hair Dandruff Treatment at Home

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Dandruff is the most common issue that, nonetheless many of us usually come to deal with.  It is also known as seborrhea, and typically causes issues like extreme scalp skin dryness, rash and also hair fall.

Research and health studies indicate that many factors contribute to hair dandruff. Some of the major causes usually include irregular hair washing habits, mineral deficiency, frequent exposure to harsh environmental conditions. The use of poor-quality hair products is another common factor that causes hair dandruff.

One can pursue a professional hair treatment salon advice, consult with a skincare doctor, or resort to homemade hacks to cure dandruff. There are many home remedies that you can use in your daily routine to reduce or completely get rid of hair dandruff at home.

In order to pursue a home-based hair dandruff treatment, you need to take some ingredients in an appropriate manner and mix them up in an accurate way. Many people suggest that this natural homemade remedy works best in either reducing or completely curing the hair dandruff. Such home remedies can help reduce or completely eradicate hair dandruff, and also aid in improving the hair health.

Essential Ingredients to Use for Hair Dandruff Treatment at Home

Dandruff Treatment at Home

1. Coconut Oil

For various health related issues, coconut oil is used as it has so many vitamins and minerals that work best for hair and skin health. Coconut oil helps in improving hydration and reduces fungal diseases that typically cause scalp’s skin dryness.  Coconut oil is therefore one of widely used items in skincare products, hair growth shampoos that also yield dandruff prevention when applied as moisturizer. You can apply coconut oil by gently massaging the scalp, and then wash your hair with your regular shampoo. Repeat this retinue for a couple of weeks and you should feel the difference.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another effective solution for dandruff and it is also used for different skin treatments. In scientific research, when apple cider vinegar is applied on the scalp it balances the pH of the skin by reducing fungal growth and dandruff. It has different properties where we can get benefits to stop fungus growth and various skin related issues.

You can easily prepare this dandruff treatment remedy by following these steps:

  • Get ready to vinegar (2 cups) with water(1cup)
  • Boil each one separately
  • Keep it cool
  • Mixed ⅛ of water to vinegar
  • Ready to use on scalp

3. Neem Juice

Neem Juice

Neem Juice is an effective home remedy for dandruff, and it is widely used in most herbal products as well as in shampoo. Neem contains potent antimicrobial properties that help in dandruff cure and other skin a home remedy. It’s an effective treatment to get rid of dandruff and improve the scalp and hair health naturally.

You can prepare it by mixing the following ingredients at home.

  • Make paste by crushing neem leaves
  • Apply it on scalp and hair for 15 min
  • Wash now, it’s done

4.  Egg Yolk

Pollution and less intake of nutrition can cause hair damage and serious hair dandruff. The best way to prevent dandruff is to use egg yolk. Egg yolk contains major vitamins such as biotin which helps in hair dandruff treatment at home. Here are some steps that you can follow to prevent dandruff by applying egg yolk to your scalp.

  • Apply egg yolk
  • Cover hair with plastic bag for 45 min
  • Gently wash your hair by using shampoo
  • Again wash if you feel bad smell

5.  Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea contains multiple properties like antioxidants and antifungal.  The gradual intake of green tea improves the health of your scalp, and reduces fungal growth. This is the best home remedy to cure dandruff, and reduce body fats. Here is how one can use green tea as a remedy for dandruff treatment at home.

  • Get green tea bags (2 bags) and put it into a hot water
  • After 20 min when it becomes cool then apply on scalp for 30 min
  •  Gently wash your hair with water.

Note: Use this remedy in the morning until you see desirable results.

6.  Garlic

Garlic fights against those dangerous microbes that cause dandruff. Here are some instructions to follow them while using this as a remedy for dandruff treatment at home.

  • Get few garlic cloves with 1 teaspoon honey
  • Make paste when you mixed each other properly
  • Apply it on scalp when paste ready
  • Dry it for 15 min
  • Wash your hair with shampoo

Garlic remedy is a natural effective way to get rid of dandruff because it’s a strong source of minerals and vitamins to fight against dandruff.

7.  Yogurt


Yogurt contains lactic acid and proteins which helps to reduce dandruff. It makes your hair strong when you can use this remedy consistency. Preparation of this remedy is too simple. Here is how you can use yogurt for dandruff treatment at home.

  • Add pepper to fresh yogurt layer and apply on hair and scalp
  • Wait for 10 – 15 min and rinse with lukewarm water
  • Dry your hair after with a soft towel.

Yogurt remedy contain fungal properties that can help in preventing dandruff and different other skin sensitivities


Having to live with hair dandruff is a real drill. Dandruff causes problems like extreme rash on the scalp and excessive hair fall. It can be cured with different methods like natural remedies perusing a regular diagnosis with hair specialists or a dermatologist.

In a few research studies, it’s realized that the effects of natural remedies for dandruff is almost positive because it contains multi vitamins and anti-fungal properties. Most of the researchers recommended natural remedies for people who are affected by severe hair dandruff issues.

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