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Big Mouth Season 5: Release Date, Cast for Netflix Comedy Series

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Netflix has announced a 2019 release date for the fifth season of their comedy series Big Mouth. The show, created by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, follows a group of school-aged children navigating puberty with awkwardness and humor. Season 5 features returning voice actors from Maya Rudolph to John Mulaney to Jessi Klein.

Netflix has renewed Big Mouth for Season 5, and we couldn’t be more excited. The adult animated comedy series follows the lives of a group of middle school students as they navigate puberty and all its complications, including hormones, bodily changes, and sexual awakenings. Seasons 1-4 have been phenomenal with their humorously accurate depictions of everything from the awkwardness of puberty to the confusion that comes with having sex for the first time. We can’t wait to see what’s in store in Season 5! What will happen when Nicky falls head over heels in love? How will Jessi manage her new relationship? Will Jay finally get his wish come true? Stay tuned!

Big Mouth Season 5 is returning to Netflix with a late 2019 release date. The series follows the adventures of two hormone-driven boys and their friends as they explore the awkwardness of puberty, sexual awakening, and all the funny moments that come with it. Big Mouth has been praised for its accurate portrayal of what it’s like to grow up in this time period.  This season explores more than just sex education and topics such as gender identity, body dysmorphia, sexting, hookup culture, and much more.

Watch the trailer here.

If you’re a fan of the Netflix show Big Mouth, then get ready for Season 5! The trailer is out, and it looks like this season will be just as hilarious as Seasons 1-4. This comedy series follows kids through puberty, including all the awkwardness that comes with it. Throughout all four seasons so far, viewers have seen characters experience their first kiss, lose their virginity, go to prom–basically all of the milestones in adolescence. If you’re new to Big Mouth but love humorous shows about teenagers on TV (think 13 Reasons Why), then this show is perfect for you! Plus, there are plenty of celebrity guest stars along the way too.

The best show on Netflix has returned; Big Mouth Season 5 is finally here. This animated comedy follows the lives of four friends, Nick Birch (Nick Kroll), Andrew Glouberman (John Mulaney), Missy Kleinfeldt (Jenny Slate) and Jay Hoggart (Jason Mantzoukas). The series revolves around puberty in suburban Westchester County, New York. Throughout the seasons, we see how their hormones affect them as they go through major changes during this time in their life. Now that season five is out; you can binge-watch all 10 episodes!

Big Mouth Season 5 Release Date

Big Mouth Season 5

Big Mouth, the hit Netflix show about navigating puberty with your friends, is back for season 5. The series is set to release on Friday, November 5th, 2021 – less than a year after season four debuted in December 2020. Season 4 of Big Mouth was released last year in November, which means that Big Mouth Season 5 has been in production since then.

If you’re in the mood for a comedy with some major adult content, Big Mouth Season 5 is coming to Netflix in November 2021. The show follows two best friends through puberty and all of the awkwardness that goes along with it. It’s rated TV-MA, so beware if you’re not over 18.

Aisha Tyler is back, and she’s raunchier than ever. The wait for season 5 of the Netflix original series Big Mouth has been long, but it finally returns in November 2021. If you’re not familiar with this show, it follows a group of young adolescents as they go through puberty (sound like your life story?). To ease the wait until next Friday, here are some highlights from last season: Nick goes to his first gay bar; Andrew becomes obsessed with masturbation; Jessi gets her period; Missy tries to make friends by giving out candy bars that taste like dirt. All these crazy moments will be back in just a few days!

Cast for the Netflix Comedy SeriesCast of Big Mouth Season 5

The show, Big Mouth Season 5, is an American adult animated comedy created by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg. The series follows two 12-year-old best friends who are trying to navigate their way through puberty. They have the help of many different characters in this hilarious coming of age story.

What will happen next on Big Mouth? We don’t know for sure! But we do know season five is set to come out  in November 2021!  Stay tuned for more information on when you can watch it here at Netflix USA Blogs!

Big Mouth is back for season 5, and this time it’s all about puberty. Season 4 of the Netflix comedy series was full of hilarious moments that made us laugh out loud. In addition, the show does an excellent job at capturing how awkward it can be to go through puberty and all the mood swings, crushes, and other changes that come with it. So if you were a fan of seasons 1-4 or are looking for something new to watch on Netflix, make sure you don’t miss out on Big Mouth season 5!

Favorite moments from seasons 1-4

The animated Netflix show, Big Mouth, has been the talk of the town for a while now. It’s not hard to see why either. The show is full of crude humor and even more natural topics rarely discussed in public. But it’s also one of the most insightful shows on puberty ever created, giving people an opportunity to laugh at themselves during this confusing time in their lives.

 Big Mouth is an animated show about puberty that has been airing on Netflix since September 2017. It follows the life of 12-year-old Nick Birch, who is living with his family in a suburban town outside San Francisco. The show centers around the life of Nick and his friends, including their hormones that are raging to get out. There are many hilarious moments throughout this series!

Big Mouth is an animated sitcom that follows the lives of two teenage boys and their friends through puberty. It’s a show with crude humor, but it can also be surprisingly sweet at times. Every episode has something to offer for everyone (even if you’re not a teen anymore). You’ll laugh, cringe, or cry – sometimes all three!

Netflix’s Big Mouth is a hilarious animated comedy series.

Big Mouth is a hilarious animated comedy series about puberty’s most awkward and bizarre moments that will make you laugh out loud. The show centers around one guy’s (Nick) journey through adolescence as he navigates the treacherous waters of middle school, high school, and college with his friends Andrew, Jessi, Jay, and Missy.  It does an amazing job at capturing all the weirdness you’ll experience during puberty with such honesty and accuracy it’s hard not to fall in love with this show. You might even find yourself relating to some scenes or feeling like, “yeah I remember when that happened,” which is why everyone needs to watch Big Mouth!

Netflix’s Big Mouth is one of the funniest animated comedy series I have seen in a long time. The show tackles puberty and all of its awkwardness with hilarity, shock value, and heart. A lot of us are going through this phase for the first time or again as adults, but it can be hard to talk about what we’re experiencing. This show allows us to laugh at our own experiences while also giving an outlet for those feelings.

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As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why Big Mouth is worth watching. We’ve given you a few highlights from the first four seasons to help convince you that this show is for everyone and not just teenage boys. What were your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments below! If we missed any great episodes or jokes, please share them with us, too, to add them to our list! Finally, don’t forget to watch season 5 when it premieres on October 1st–you won’t want to miss out on all these new adventures as Jessi tries her best at high school and things get wilder than ever before.

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