California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Privacy Notice For California Residents




We (or the Owner)

This indicates the legal or natural person that provided this website to users.

User (or you)

Indicates any legal or natural person who uses this Website.

This Privacy Notice for California Residents adds to the Website’s Privacy Policy. It applies only to California residents, visitors and users. This notice was created to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. (CCPA). Any terms used in the CCPA will have the same meaning in this notice.

Information we collect

The Website collects information that can be used to identify, relate, describe, and link a specific consumer or device (or “personal information”)

Website collected the following types of personal data from its customers within the past 12 months:

Category Exemples Collect
A. Identifiers. An actual name, alias or postal address. A unique personal identifier. Online identifier. Internet Protocol address. Email address. Account name. Social Security number. Driver’s license number. Passport number. Or other similar identifiers. YES
B. B. Civ. Code SS 1798.80 (e). Name, signature, Social Security Number, physical characteristics or descriptions, address, telephone number and passport number. Insurance policy number. Education, employment, history, bank account number. Credit card number. Debit card number. Any other financial, medical, or insurance information. YES
C. Protected classification features under California law or federal law Age (40+), race, color and ancestry, citizenship, religion, or creed. Marital status, medical condition or physical disability. Sexual orientation. Genetic information (including familial genetic info). YES
D. Commercial information. Keep records of any personal property, products, or services that you have purchased, obtained, or considered. Also, keep track of any purchasing, consuming, or historical tendencies. YES
E. Biometric information. To extract a template or any other identifier or information, including fingerprints, voiceprints, faceprints and voiceprints as well as keystrokes and gait patterns and data regarding sleep, health, exercise, or health, we use biological, genetic, behavioral, and biological characteristics or activity patterns. YES
F. Internet and other similar network activity. Browsing history and search history. Information about a consumer’s interactions with a website, an application, or an advertisement. YES
G. Geolocation data. Location or movement of a person. YES
H. Sensory data. Audio, electronic and visual information. YES
I. Information for professionals or those working in employment. Performance evaluations and job history, current or past. YES
J. J. Section 1232g, 34 C.F.R. Section 1232g, 34 C.F.R. An educational institution or other party acting on behalf of a student may have education records that directly relate to the student, such as grades and transcripts, class lists or schedules, student identification codes or student disciplinary records. YES
K. Inferences made from other personal data Profil reflects a person’s preferences and characteristics, psychological trends. Predispositions, behaviour, attitudes, intelligence, capabilities, and aptitudes. YES

It does not contain:

  • Information from government records that is publicly available.
  • Consumer information that is deidentified or aggregated.
  • Information that is not included in the CCPA’s reach, such as certain medical or health information, and other information categories protected by different laws.

The following sources are used to obtain the personal information we need:

  • Directly from your. You can get this information from forms you fill out or products and services that you buy.
  • Indirectly from your. You can observe your actions on our website, for example.

Use of personal information

We may use the personal information that we collect to fulfill one or more of these business purposes.

  • To fulfill the purpose you gave us the information. If you provide your contact information and name to receive a price quote, or to ask questions about our services, then we will use this information to answer your question. We will process your payment and deliver your product/service if you give us your personal information. Your information may be saved to allow us to process returns or new product orders.
  • To process transactions, orders, payments, and prevent fraud.
  • To support you and respond to all your questions, including investigating and addressing your concerns. We also monitor and improve our responses.
  • Respond to law enforcement requests as well as any court orders or regulations.
  • As you described when collecting personal information.
  • To conduct an evaluation or carry out a merger, divestiture restructuring, reorganization or dissolution of all or part of our or our affiliated’s assets. Personal information about Website users that we or our affiliates have is one of the transferred assets.

Without your consent, we will not collect any additional types of personal data or use personal information that we have collected for unrelated or incompatible purposes.

Sharing personal information

For business purposes, we may share your personal information with a third party. We may disclose personal information to a third party for business purposes. A contract is drawn up that outlines the purpose and asks the recipient to keep it confidential.

The following third parties may have access to your personal data:

  • Service providers
  • Data Aggregators


Your Rights and Choices

California residents have specific rights under the CCPA regarding their personal data. This section explains your CCPA rights as well as how you can exercise them.

Data Portability Rights and Access to Specific Information

You can request information about how we have used your personal data over the past 12 month. We will make the following disclosures once we have received and confirmed your verifiable consumer request. (See Exercising access, data portability and deletion rights).

  • These are the categories of personal data we have about you.
  • These are the sources of personal information that we have about you.
  • We use the personal information for business purposes or for commercial purposes.
  • These are the categories of third parties with which we share personal information.
  • A data portability request is a request to have specific information about you.
  • Two separate lists will be created if we sell or disclose your personal information to a business purpose.
    • sales, identification of the personal information categories purchased by each recipient;
    • Disclosures for business purposes, identification of the personal information categories that each recipient received.

Right to Deletion

Subject to some exceptions, you have the right to ask us to delete any personal information we have about you. We will remove your personal data from our records and direct our service providers to do so once we have received and confirmed your verifiable consumer request.

If we or our service providers need to keep the information, we may deny your request for deletion.

  • Complete the transaction for the purpose of which we have collected your personal information. Provide a good/service that you requested. Take actions that are reasonably expected to be taken in the context our ongoing business relationship. Or, otherwise, perform our contract with You.
  • Protect against malicious, fraudulent, and illegal activity by detecting security incidents or prosecuting those who are responsible.
  • To identify and fix errors in products, debug them.
  • Conform to the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Penal Code SS1546 seq. Only allow internal uses that are reasonable and consistent with consumer expectations. This is based on our relationship with you.
  • Respect a legal obligation
  • Other lawful and internal uses of the information should be made in accordance with the context you gave it.

Exercising Data Portability, Access, and Deletion Rights

You can exercise your access, data portability and deletion rights by submitting a verified consumer request to us at:

  • We are available by phone at
  • Send us an email at

You, or an authorized person registered with California Secretary of State, can make a verifiable request for consumer information about your personal data. A verifiable consumer request can also be made on behalf of your minor children.

A verifiable consumer request may be made for data access or portability only twice in a 12-month time frame. Verifiable consumer requests must be:

  • We need sufficient information to be able to verify that you are the person we have collected personal information about or an authorized representative.
  • Please describe your request in sufficient detail to allow us to understand, evaluate and respond.

If we are unable to verify your identity and authority, or confirm that the personal information is relevant to you, then we will not be able to respond to your request.

You don’t have to open an account in order to make a verifiable customer request.

Personal information that is provided as part of a verifiable consumer inquiry will only be used to verify the identity and authority to make the request.

Format and timing of responses

We will respond to any verifiable consumer request within forty five (45) days from its receipt. We will notify you in writing if we need more time.

At your request, we will send you our written reply by email or mail.

All disclosures that we make will be limited to the 12-month period immediately preceding receipt of the verifiable consumer demand. If applicable, we will explain why we can’t comply with the request in our response. We will provide data portability requests in a format that is easily usable. This should enable you to transfer the information to another entity without any hindrance.

We don’t charge fees to respond to verifiable consumer requests unless they are excessive, repetitive or unfounded. We will inform you why the request is worth it and give you a cost estimate before we complete your request.

Selling Personal Information

We won’t sell your personal data to anyone. We will inform you if we think that we may sell your personal data to another party in the future.


You will not be discriminated against for exercising your CCPA rights. We will not do this unless the CCPA permits it.

  • Refrain from selling you goods and services.
  • You may be charged different rates or prices for goods and services. This could include granting discounts, other benefits, or imposing sanctions.
  • Offer you a higher quality or level of goods and services.
  • You may be charged a higher price for goods and services, or you might receive lower quality goods or services.

Other California Privacy Rights

California’s “Shine the Light” law (Civil Code Section SS1798.83), allows California residents to request information about our disclosure of personal data to third parties for direct marketing purposes. Send an email to [Email] to make this request.

Privacy Notice Changes

This privacy notice may be amended at any time at our sole discretion. We will update this privacy notice and post it on our website. Continued use of our website after the posting of any changes will signify your acceptance thereof.

Contact Information

You can contact us at:

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