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At the height of 3566 meters, Har ki Dun is a stunning valley located in the center of Govind Ballabh Pant National Park. Har-ki-Dun is undoubtedly one of the most attractive and stunning trekking locations that highlight the unmatched natural beauty of Uttarakhand, ringed by snow-capped hills and alpine greenery.

The picturesque Swargarohini Peak’s valley is where the Har ki Dun trek is located. It is thought that Yudhisthir of the Mahabharata sent the dog to heaven from this summit. The Mahabharata’s characters greatly influence the fathers and grandfathers of people who live in this area.

According to legend, the Kauravas and Pandavas, two mythical royal warriors and monarchs from the Mahabharata epic, were the ancestors of this region and the land around it.

The Har ki Dun Valley offers breathtaking vistas of isolated valleys in the distant Garhwal Himalayas. It is one of the most stunning locations in India and offers a variety of trekking experiences.


This trek passes through some of India’s most remote villages, which are still untouched by modern society.

Shepherds travel to this area for months so they can let their livestock graze on the long grass.

At first glance, this hidden valley appears to be a landscape painting on a sheet.

The Har ki Dun walk trail Is picturesque and home to a wide variety of flora and animals. Take pictures of the varied plant and animal life, the wooden cottages in the villages, the trail’s natural beauty, and the locals’ rich cultural legacy as you travel.

The Har ki Dun trek is a fantastic one to take on alone. This trek is well-known for providing solitary hikers with demanding situations, an adrenaline-fueled experience, and some time alone because of its difficult paths.

To be able to go on a trek through the Himalayan Mountains, you must obtain permission from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF). Your trek will go smoothly, thanks to the permits.

The trekkers’ permits are issued after a 24-hour wait. Obtaining permission is crucial since the Indian Mountaineering Foundation is the organization that will grant you entry to a particular area of India.

  • Purola has the final ATM location.
  • Therefore, carry some cash with you.

After Purola till Sankari, the phone signal will weaken until it eventually disappears altogether. Therefore, if you must make any essential calls, do it before Purola.


Apart from the immense natural beauty, there isn’t much to see at Har Ki Dun because it is more of a trek route for adrenaline junkies than a tourist destination.


Har Ki Dun trek is one of the best treks in the Garhwal Himalayas, rewarding trekkers with visuals of natural splendor, including flowing waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, forests with pine and oak trees, and rushing streams and tributaries.


 One of the most incredible experiences one may have in the middle of nature is camping. After a long day, setting up tents with companions under the starry night skies aids in relaxation and rejuvenation. One of the best Himalayan views may be found at Har ki Dun, which also has a stunning night sky.


One passes through hamlets populated by the local indigenous peoples on the journey. To learn about their traditional way of life, traditions, and heritage.


Har ki Dun trek, with its wide variety of flora and wildlife, is a heaven for nature lovers. Enjoy the peace of observing the lovely birds and capturing the amazing sights in front of you on camera.


 From Dehradun, one must go to the charming village of Sankri to embark on the Har ki Dun Trek. You can take a taxi or vehicle from Sankri to Taluka the next day.

The magnificent Har-ki-Dun trek, which lasts nine days, begins at Sankri. The trip continues to Taluka and the shores of the Rupin and Supin rivers, where there are breathtaking sights of the Indian Himalayas.


  • A copy and the original Aadhar card.
  • Raincoat and Backpacks
  • water bottle Slippers, hiking boots (waterproof are preferable during snow and rainy season.
  • Torch (With extra batteries), raincoat, or umbrella.
  • Tracksuits and T-shirts,
  • Woolen, everyday socks
  • Sweaters and jackets
  • Gloves, a towel, a sun hat, and a scarf
  • Sunglasses and a wool cap
  • Keep a couple of plastic bags with you if your clothes get wet.
  • Medicine kit.
  • Energy drinks and snacks.
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