Make Your Cheeks Look Thinner

How Can You Make Your Cheeks Look Thinner?

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Aging may increase volume or turn your cheekbones visible.  Now, you don’t have to live with inflated or deflated apples on your cheeks.

Cheek fillers can help you to have a slimmer and sculpted face.

This is the best and by far the quickest facial treatment that you can have. The sweet spot is that it won’t add any bulk to your face. Although you get a fuller and supple look, you won’t look awful or like being done. On the contrary, the certified doctor with hands-on experience strategically uses cheek fillers with skin resurfacing treatment to contour it rightly.

This blog will help you to discover how fillers help in achieving your facelift goals. But first, let’s understand why a face loses its contour with aging.

Why Does Your Face Look Different As You Get Older?

Your Face Look Different As You Get Older

Unfortunately, our skin ages as we grow old.  The difference is pronounced in the wrinkles, fine lines, and sags all across your canvas. Sometimes, it turns out a startling difference when you see it in the mirror. Your appearance clearly tells that it needs volume.

This condition arises because of having inadequate collagen and elastin in your cheeks. These two are essential proteins that have to be there for a softer and younger-looking texture.

But, aging dries them up. However, it does not happen overnight. Over years, the difference appears through the following signs:

  • You develop a double chin.
  • Your cheekbones may be deflated.
  • Your eyes may look sunken/smaller.
  • Your skin texture looks droopy or loose.
  • A bit of shadowy appearance gradually appears.
  • Your jawline does not look chiseled or well-defined.

Remember that these changes in your facial condition do not flash overnight. Several factors conspire to steal your beauty. Some of these are purely genetic.

But, there are certain external factors like sun exposure, smoking, inadequate sleep, health issues, and stress, which can be responsible for these drastic changes.

After 30, bone loss is also noticed. This change can disfigure your cheekbone’s structure. Even, your facial muscles do not look strong enough to lift your facial condition. However, you can have sufficient nutrients for maintaining your bone density. But it cannot happen throughout your life.

All of these reasons decline collagen and elastin in your skin. This is how deep lines and changes in your facial condition reduce your charm. The sag & lost collagen blur the defined jawline that you may have in your 20s.

Simply put, your skin loses fat pads, which hold your skin tissues tightly. And, it gradually loses its hold on the contour.  These pads are essential for defining a healthy cheekbone. Moreover, they prevent excess skin or a double chin. Having them in inadequacy means your face does not look slim and streamlined.

Now that you have understood why your face looks different over time, let’s learn how to age with graceful facial conditions.

How Can You Make Your Face Look Slimmer?

Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Cheek fillers can help you to have sculpted cheeks. These are dermal fillers, which are extremely effective in contouring. They help in restoring the lost structure while defining your jawline clearly.

The doctors, actually achieve this goal by predicting the contour using their experience and strategic injections. Laser skin resurfacing is also involved to achieve this goal. These are all non-invasive or nonsurgical facial treatments to slim cheeks.

It happens in two parts. First, the focus remains on the upper face where subtle width is emphasized to the cheeks.

Then in the next part, the mid-face is contoured by either narrowing or adding volume to that area. Some believe that Injectables to define cheekbones are enough to have slimmer & voluminous cheeks. But, it’s much more than just adding cheek fillers.

This cheek lift treatment may require the chin to be sculpted for a slimmer look. So, dermal fillers are introduced to reduce double chin because they are incredible at reducing it.   The droopy chin can be a result of reduced collagen and elastin production.

Although some people try to boost their production again, this trick cannot help. You have to consult with a skin specialist. His knowledge and experience would introduce strategic injections to create a beautiful, tight, and slimmer face appearance.

Some wise doctors add length to your chin, making it look sleek and perfectly shaped. For lengthening and narrowing the chin, they inject on the bottom half of the face also.  The eye area is also treated with dermal fillers in conjunction with cheek fillers. It makes you look fresh and youthful.

How Does the Procedure of Face Slimming Go On?

Procedure of Face Slimming Go On

As aforesaid, cheek fillers, dermal fillers, and other Injectables are used for this purpose. The most common fillers are Juvederm, Boletero, and Restylane.   All of these Injectables are FDA-approved. So, they won’t cast any negative effect.

It all starts with the in-depth face-examination. The doctor or skin specialist assesses the whole area, which has the midface (covering cheeks, the contour of the entire face like temple, jawline, chin) and lower face, which includes lips, marionette lines, neck, and nasolabial folds.

Most of these fillers have hyaluronic acid, or it’s better to say that the fillers with hyaluronic acid are the best to define your volume under the surface. It’s not liposuction that requires fat removal from your face.

On the contrary, it’s a safe and nonsurgical face-slimming procedure using Injectables. The substantial fact is that it’s a lunchtime treatment, which allows you to get back to your routine right after the procedure in an hour.

Post-Procedure Effects

Post Procedure Effects

Some patients may experience slight inflammation or redness at the very site where injections are administered. However, certified doctors numb the skin before injecting to prevent discomfort and pain.

Anyhow, if you see any bruises or visible signs that are not resolving in one day, call the doctor immediately. However, it hardly happens unless you’re sensitive to any filler. This is why you have to share your medical history or condition with the doctor prior.

The procedure is done in a session, and you see the difference in a few days. However, a few changes turn visible straightaway. For a complete transformation, you have to wait for a week, at least.

How Long Do its Effects Last?

How Long Do its Effects Last

Your facial conditions before this treatment can better tell the longevity of its result. But still, you can have it there for six months to 18 months. It’s a revolutionary contouring procedure that satisfies maximum customers with amazing outcomes.

Thankfully, its effects do not wash away with every clean-up.


The face can look slimmer with Injectables and laser resurfacing. Both treatments can be combined as per requirement and the condition of the skin. It involves Juvederm, Restylane, and Hyaluronic Acid-based cheek fillers for contouring mid and lower face areas. This non-invasive treatment has awesome results.

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