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How Construction Industry Works

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Many different organizations work together to bring construction projects to life. Recruiters expect prospective apprentices, trainees, and graduates to understand how the project is structured.

This article describes the typical flow of a construction project. Still, some large companies offer design and build services that do the regular work of consultants and contractors. Remember that large projects can take years from initial ideas to full completion.

A construction site is primarily where a project is built, be it a commercial building, residential development, or piece of infrastructure. However, there may be other locations where materials are designed, or parts of the project are prefabricated, assembled, and moved to the final site.

On a typical construction site, there are always multiple workers on site. This includes not only construction workers but also scaffolding, crane operators, electricians, and safety managers who conduct risk assessments and ensure that people on site are following health and safety guidelines and that the design is understood and adhered to. This includes architects, etc., to ensure that Projects can be on-site simultaneously.

Construction Sites

Construction sites can be busy places, so people must follow strict health and safety protocols. Everyone on site must have appropriate training or experience and be able to demonstrate this. There are security checks to ensure people on site have a valid ID, where they need to be, and everyone is accounted for.

Construction Projects

Construction Projects

A Construction Project’s journey starts with the client who decides something needs to be built. Clients include property development companies, local governments, central government departments, private companies, and individuals.

Builders decide what to build, the time frame to make, and the cost. The customer then hires a consultant to advise him on design, cost, and regulatory questions. A client can hire multiple consulting firms, or he can hire one consulting firm to recommend them all. In both cases, a consultancy organization often oversees the project on behalf of the client.

Common Consulting Organizations

Standard consulting organizations include:

Building Practices, Cost Advice (Quantification) Employers, Employers in construction, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.

The consultant is then responsible for the design phase of the project. The consultant will design the structure and calculate the cost of the design. Once this is determined, they will decide which contractor should do the construction work. Contractors must “bid” for the job-discuss why they are the best.

What Is It Like To Work As A Consultant?

If you work for a consulting firm, your work is in the design stage—architects’ design projects. The civil engineer ensures that the technical details work as planned, and the surveyor calculates the cost of the design.

You work in an office…sometimes you go to a construction site, and sometimes you are “seconded” (seconded) to work at a construction site, but this is office work.

You will work during business hours (usually 8:30 am to 6:00 pm) but may need to work late to close deadlines. I typically work on multiple projects at the same time. Working in the early stages of a project can take years before the finished project works.

Consultant Hires A Contractor To Do The Construction Work

A Contractor To Do The Construction Work

After the contractor receives the work from the consultant, construction on site begins. The contractor ensures that the project is delivered within the agreed quality, budget, and time frame. They receive design guidance from design consultants and resolve past design-related issues. What is it like to work as a contract employee?

  • Contractor duties include site manager, civil engineer, surveyor, and handyman.
  • They work on the construction site (or from a temporary onsite office) in all weather.
  • Depending on the project, shift work or night work may be required.

On-site work hours are longer (usually 7:30 am to 6:00 pm), and you may have to work longer if your schedule is behind schedule. I typically work on one project at a time.

You can see things being made before you, but you can’t influence the original design.

Contractors Can Get Help From Subcontractors

Suppose the project involves work that requires special skills or knowledge. In that case, the contractor can provide that work to a specialized organization. Everyday tasks that can be outsourced include:

  • the reinforced concrete works.
  • structural steelwork.
  • work on the foundations.
  • plumbing and electrical work.

Subcontractors are typically smaller employers. If you work for a subcontractor, you will work on-site and have the same working hours as a contractor.

What Is The Construction Process?

What Is The Construction Process

Every construction project has a process, which varies by construction project and client. Let’s look at the standard and most common processes. The construction process starts with you.

Before the first brick is laid (sometimes years ago), builders have an idea behind a construction project.

Customer Hires Consultant

The client hires a consultant to advise on project design and planning. People such as architects, city planners, and even lawyers are often involved because there are so many things to consider.

Costs must be calculated, and resources and materials agreed upon. Ecologists and environmental engineers can contribute, as many projects aim to be as sustainable as possible. The consultant then undertakes the construction project’s design, calculates the design’s construction cost, and follows a competitive bidding process to determine the contractor to perform the work.

Consultant Hires A Contractor To Perform The Work

Consultant Hires A Contractor

Contractors must “bid” the work in a process called bidding. Essentially, they discuss why it is the best choice for completing the project.

They may include examples of similar projects or skills that help the project run smoothly or be completed to the highest standards and on budget.

Contractors can get help from subcontractors.

Contractors may need assistance with more specific parts of the project. Subcontractors with expertise and knowledge, such as plumbing, electrical work, and foundation work, are available. Certain technologies may not be viable without traditional contractors’ advice and assistance.

What Are Construction Means And Construction Methods?

Construction project means and methods refer to the techniques and tactics used to bring a project from idea and design to a finished structure or infrastructure.

Since various contractors undertake many projects, there are many ways to structure a single project. Contractors develop individual styles and talents in their work, making the industry very exciting and making every construction project unique.

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