Phulara Ridge Trek

How do I get to Phulara Ridge Trek?

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The Govind Wildlife Sanctuary is where Phulara Ridge Trek is located. As you are aware, Phulara is one of several beautiful hikes in this sanctuary in the Uttarkashi district.

It is a unique ridge walk in Uttarakhand, but unlike others, it hasn’t been traversed by many people, setting it apart from other locations.

It is situated in Uttarakhand’s Govind Wildlife Sanctuary (India). It is a trek at a high elevation of roughly “12,127 Feet” in the lower Himalayas.

In reality, Phulara Ridge is a form of widely scattered woodland (bugyals). This area is surrounded by greenery and lovely flowers like Brahmakamal and Fankamal throughout the year (many other species ).

The presence of the magnificent evergreen valleys and the high mountain chain in this area is what has led to the greatest amount of natural vegetation growth in this high altitude location.

When Phulara Ridge is covered in snow and only a little fog in the winter, it is much more intriguing to visit the next vista after each step that advances you.

The saying “if the method is more difficult, the destination is also more beautiful” is ascribed to this forest’s route, which starts in the middle of a deep forest and ends at a bugyal that is surrounded by stunning mountain peaks. This quote is perfect for “Phulara Ridge Trek.”

Best Time For Going On The Trek:

The moderate Phulara Ridge Trek is one of the most stunning treks in the Uttarakhand Himalayas. For those who are extremely passionate about mountaineering and view it as having a special meaning in their lives, the Phulara Ridge hike is fantastic. The Phulara Ridge Trek is one such hike that offers views of multiple Himalayan mountain ranges.

Phulara Ridge Trek is possible. May. September, October, November, June, and July For those who enjoy hiking in the summer, this is a great time to observe snow-covered glaciers and lush greenery.

The Phulara Ridge climb is also a great monsoon hike since the flowers and lush vegetation at that time make the hiking and walking very memorable.

The Phulara Ridge Trek begins at Dehradun / Sankri Village, which is located in the Gharwal Mountain Range District of Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India.

The Phulara Ridge Trek’s temperature ranges from (08°C to 15°C) during the day and, not surprisingly, drops to (05°C to 08°C) at night.

The Difficulty Of The Trek:

From Sankri to Phulara Top, the Phulara Ridge Journey is a gentle climb, and when the trek returns from the summit of T, the Phulara Ridge Trek is entirely downhill.

You won’t even be aware that you’ve arrived at camp when you’re on this journey because of the breathtaking scenery and stunning hills all around you.

These hikes are not challenging, and even first-timers should be able to complete them successfully.

Things To Keep In Mind While Doing The Trip:

Although the Phulara Ridge Trek is as good as advertised, you still need to be ready. In Uttarakhand, the Phulara Ridge Trek is a moderate hike that begins at Sankri and concludes there.

What are the special considerations that should be made before beginning this trek?

One such hike is the Phulara Ridge Trek, which you can take from May through the last week of November. It is a highly safe hike in the Uttarakhand Himalayas.

Main Attractions Of The Trip:

  • The walk begins in Sankri, which serves as the starting point for more than 25 other hikes.
  • Trek through lush woodlands that are incredibly diverse in flora and fauna.
  • Surprisingly lovely clearings can be found along the road.
  • The Phulara Ridge trek’s main draw is its panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks.
  • The top provides stunning views of Swargarohini, Kala Nag, and Devkyara as a result.
  • Bandarpoonch, Rangnala, Kedarkantha, Hanuman Top, Top of Sarutal, and Vijay Top.
  • Simple to Moderate (this trek is good for beginners).
  • The body must receive the right conditioning training before the expedition.
  • Need appropriate apparel and equipment for cold weather.
  • The most crucial piece of equipment is a pair of shoes.
  • Beautiful scenery, therefore bringing quality photography equipment. Extra battery backup Lightweight travel.

An Itinerary of the trek:

Day 1: You will be picked up from the Dehradun railway station and driven the 210 km (8/9 hours) to Sankri Market (1920 Metres)

Trek from Sankri to Sikolta (07 km) in 4–5 hours on

Day 2. (2900 Metres )
Day 3: A four-kilometre (kilometre) hike from Sikolta to the Bhoj Gadi Camp (3470 Metre )
Day 4: Trek from Bhoj Gadi camp to the summit of Phulara Ridge (3700 Metres) over six kilometres in five to six hours.
Day 5: Drive to Sankri Hotel the same day after trekking 8 km (4/5 hours) from Pushtara Thach to Taluka.
Day 6: Take a taxi from Sankri to Dehradun (210 miles; 8–9 hours).
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