How to Write a Narrative Essay about Fashion

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You are writing a narrative essay on fashion by creating a story or accounting for an event. The aim is to write about the events in sequence and explain in a way that you are there. The idea is to add your thoughts and experience to the essay. Don’t feel afraid to express yourself, as the fashion industry is full of personal opinions. It is always about your creativity and observation, so you will end by writing a great narrative essay about fashion.

It would help if you kept in mind the following ways while writing a great narrative essay about fashion.

1. Choose a Topic

Fashion is common, particularly in clothing, accessories, footwear, and furniture. In other terms, it refers to a distinctive and frequently habitual tendency in a person’s dress. Additionally, a person’s genuine personality and character are defined by their sense of style.

The first step in writing a narrative essay is to select a topic that reflects fashion.

  • You can observe the latest fashion trends in your surroundings. From place-to-place fashion varies. Keep in mind the ins and outs of your place. You can also read fashion magazines about the latest trends to get an idea and research narrative topics about fashion.
  • Like other academic essays, narrative essay topics should not be general. The topic should be unique, focus on a specific trend or style, and explain it in detail. Then you utilize this information to put your ideas into words. You can also add about your childhood dream, experience, or passion.

2. Brainstorming

BrainstormingAfter choosing a topic, brainstorm your ideas for writing a great narrative essay about fashion. Before you start writing, brainstorm your different ideas. Write down the concepts related to the topic in the essay on a piece of paper. This activity will save you time as you have already planned the structure of an essay in your mind.

For example, you have attended a fashion event and loved something. You can also write about fashion trends that changed your mind. It is a way to connect you to the fashion world.

3. Styles and Color Theme

After brainstorming your ideas, it’s time to choose the color theme according to the season. For instance, if you are writing about summer clothing styles, you should select light colors. Peach, lemon, white, and blue can choose a theme color.

Spring season means you select bright colors in autumn, cozy and warm, and in winter, all dark and long coats. You introduce your style by making something unique and attractive. Consider any challenges you may have had in pursuing your career.

So, you can take advantage of it as much as possible.

4. Examples

ExamplesThe idea of writing a great narrative essay about fashion by using examples is a great way to express your opinions. Whether you are writing about a trend, a specific designer, event, fashion blogs, and websites can be helpful in finding a good topic.

For instance, many fashion magazines have blog articles on various topics. You are finding a topic by searching for upcoming events. You can write about one particular topic because fashion shows are held worldwide. You need to attend one or watch it online to get inspiration.

Another way to choose a topic is to search for fashion magazines. These fashion magazines have articles, blogs, and photographs representing clothing from the 20th century. Many articles or blog writers are fashion experts, surely. You will learn something new. You can also add pictures to your essay. Your essay will be more interesting as it improves narrative writing skills. For instance, you are writing about an item of clothing worn by a celebrity. You can also read books about fashion.

Let us take the example of attending a fashion show. The runway is a platform of having strobe lights which make it more attractive. But this time, it was indoor. In this fashion, the show celebrity was also there as a guest. The fashion show is incomplete without models. Almost all models are tall and have brown hair color and clear white skin. They are showing the dress for casual use. All models are looking gorgeous and ramp on the walk professionally. It is the best opportunity to describe designs straightforwardly. If you cannot tell, then go through famous magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar.

5.Information to add

You can write an introduction by adding an attention-grabbing sentence. It is important to follow fashion trends, as many people think. For example, Lord Chesterfield once said, “If you are not in fashion, you are nobody.

You should add important information or details in your introduction section. It is better to add a hook sentence in the introduction section. It is great to add examples and details from different fashion websites.

You can use first-person opinion if possible. Remember to add the author’s name and date. The addition of photographs can make the story more interesting. The aim is to transfer the emotion of your topic.

Your essay’s main body comprises facts, details, and a plot. You can add three examples to support each paragraph’s logical sentence. It is comprised of specific information like dates and figures. You want it to make your reader feel like they were witnessing and experiencing the event.

In most cases, three paragraphs are considered perfect, one for the introduction, three for the body, and one for the conclusion. Every sentence should serve a purpose. You can also add examples from successful magazines or online.

6. Write an Effective Ending

Write an Effective Ending

Your conclusion is comprised of three to five sentences. Conclude your fashion essay by writing the significance of the latest fashion trends. The purpose of a conclusion is to show a clear picture of your essay. Add attention seeking sentence in your conclusion section. You don’t need to add new information. But you can add suggestions for the future.


The last step in writing a narrative essay is to proofread it. Proofreading will help you find grammatical mistakes or errors in your essay. You can use programs like Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, etc., to speed up and simplify the process of editing and proofreading.

Final Thoughts

Fashion has no hard and fast rules. So, in writing a narrative essay about fashion, use your perception. To make your essay unique, keenly observe things and make your statement about them.

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