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Kedarkantha Trek: All You Need To Know

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Kedarkantha summit is formed of three things: heavenly snow, dense white clouds, and a view that one can never forget in life. Kedarkantha, which is at 12,500 ft above the bottom level and considered a moderate to slightly easy trek when it comes to difficulty, fits all the categories for a perfect winter trek. Kedarkantha is known as so due to the mythological story, according to which it is believed that the Kedarnath temple was supposed to be built there initially. But those who were in the process of building Kedarnath statues heard a cow’s voice nearby and, like a bad omen according to the Hindu mythology of that time, left the ad midway only. If you’re one of those, who have always planned to go on a trek and have never been to one, then Kedarkantha is a seemingly nice place to start.

Best Time To Visit

Kedarkantha is best visited during winter, and therefore the reason is that you would get to see a snow-covered peak that resembles heaven. Otherwise, one can visit the Kedarkantha in the summer too, but it loses its lustrous snow-covered layer within the summer and turns into a normal trek.

How To Reach

Kedarkantha is situated in Uttrakhand, and you’d need to cross Dehradun or Mussoorie along the way, depending on your route.

The Kedar Kantha summit is at 12,500 ft within the Himalayan region, and the trek starts from a village downhill named Sankri, which can serve as the first stop. You can have a full-fledged breakfast here and take a short nap in camps or hotels. Ranging from Sankari, one slowly moves up to Juda ka taal and explores the great serene thing about the whole experience, which is mostly filled with a sheet of ice.

One may encounter campsites at various locations and stop between the trek several times to rest, fill up tummies, and have some fun, like snow fights, if you’re into that. Reaching the summit is the main aim, but the journey is what makes it worthwhile.

Upon reaching the highest mountain, you could experience heaven on earth, and that is where you would feel what a good choice you made when you decided to go for the Kedar Kantha trek this winter. After reaching the highest, it’s only logical to climb downwards to your camp, but at this point, many would just want to fail to require a step away from the summit as it is a place you only imagine, and leaving the summit is quite difficult.

Reasons to Undertake To

The Kedarkantha is one of the Himalayas mountain peaks, with many clearings visible throughout the whole region. When the snow falls, it seems to show into a heavenly sight full of crystal white glimmer surrounded by Pine trees.

There are camping sites located in those clearings, which permit one to take a close look at this beautiful scenery by being in such proximity. The daylight coming from in between the creaks of the trees makes it even more wonderful, and a stargazing sky accompanies the nights.

The trek hits a moderate on the problem scale, and children above 5 years of age are allowed on it, making it an ideal option for almost everyone regardless of their age, gender, and other restricting factors.

The Kedarkantha summit is legendary for its breathtaking view, and the ones who have witnessed it with their eyes claim that they can never forget the sight of the Kedarkantha summit.

Places To Visit To

  • Sankri Zipline Ride
  • Sankri
  • Juda Ka Talab
  • Someshwar Mahadev Sankri
  • Kedarkantha Skiing

Level Of Difficulty

The level of Kedarkantha trek difficulty is Easy to moderate.

Things To Carry

  • Windproof Jacket
  • Thermals
  • Trekking shoes
  • Raincoat or Poncho
  • Flashlight

Some Facts

  • The Kedarkantha mountain has captivated the thoughts and hearts of many Indian hikers throughout its history.
  • Its awe-inspiring beauty seduces both the eyes and, therefore, the heart. If you enjoy the snow, you want to participate in the Kedarkantha Trek Package.
  • Kedarkantha is draped with a white blanket of snow during the appropriate time of year.
  • If we had to define Sunrise from Kedarkantha Peak, it might be as follows: amazed by the vast, unobstructed expanse of a sky crammed with a rainbow of dawn hues and tints.
  • Seeing the Sunrise for the first time in the Garhwal region is simply breathtaking.


Kedarkantha is one of the top places to visit in our Indian Travel Bucketlist, and if you like beautiful scenery with a mix of adventure, then this trek is just the right one for you.

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