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The 9 Best Places to Live in Ontario in 2020

I’ve been living in Ontario for a few years now, and I have to say, there are so many great places to live. I love the small towns in southern Ontario where you can feel like you’re in a storybook town with all of the white clapboard houses and old-timey shops. There’s also Toronto, a fantastic city that has everything from museums to nightlife – it never gets boring! And then there’s Ottawa which is home to some of Canada’s most famous landmarks, including Parliament Hill and Rideau Hall.

Ontario is the most populous and second-largest in the area of Canada’s provinces and territories. With a population that is more than 13 million, Ontario is home to more than one-third of Canada’s population. It has been ranked as an excellent place for business startups due to its low taxes, skilled workforce, and strong economic growth.   There are many reasons people would want to live in Ontario, but we’ll tell you about some of the best places to settle down!

If you’re looking for the best places to live in Ontario, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will tell you about some of the most well-known towns and cities in Canada’s largest province.

We’ll start with Toronto, which is one of North America’s most populous city centers. There are plenty of jobs available here, but be sure that many people also want them! If it sounds like too much hassle for you or your family, then perhaps try Ottawa instead – it’s just as big an economic hub but has a laid-back feel because it doesn’t have nearly as many skyscrapers.

1. Toronto

Live in Toronto Ontario

What is the best place to live in Toronto? With so many neighborhoods and activities, it can be tough to decide. The one thing that every Torontonian knows is that this city has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a hipster neighborhood or an up-and-coming area, there’s plenty of choice on offer. From waterfront living to quiet suburbs,

Toronto is a bustling city with tons of things to do and places to see. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive cities in North America, so you’ll need to make sure you live somewhere affordable. But don’t worry, we have plenty of options for you! Whether you’re looking for an apartment or condo downtown or want something more suburban, many different areas offer various lifestyles.

2. Ottawa

Where do you want to live? Do you have a favorite place in the world where you would love to spend your days, or is there a new area that has caught your eye and has captured your heart with its beauty? If so, Ottawa might be the perfect place for you.  The capital of Canada, this city offers plenty of opportunities for residents from all walks of life. So whether you’re an artist looking for inspiration or just someone who loves being outdoors, Ottawa can offer it all. This blog post will explore some of the best places to live in Ottawa and what makes them so great!

We know that living in the capital of Canada is an honor. Whether you are looking for a place to live because you have just moved here or want to explore your options before deciding on one, we compiled a few things to consider when finding the best place for you.

The first thing to think about is what kind of lifestyle you lead? Do not worry if this seems complicated; people can lead many different lifestyles, and each has its specialties. For example, some neighborhoods might be more suited for families with children, while others might offer more nightlife activities.

3. London

Live in London Ontario

London is one of the most famous cities globally, and it’s not hard to see why. With so many people living there, it’s easy for visitors to find something they love about this exciting city. But where should you live if you’re thinking about moving?

These are some of the best neighborhoods in London! 

  • Camden Town: This area has tons of restaurants and pubs that make it an attractive place for young professionals to live;
  • Kensington: A suburb with great schools and parks;
  • Fulham: Home to a number of embassies (and Tube stations);
  • Westminster: Historic buildings line this iconic borough;
  • Chelsea/South Kensington: Proximity to museums like Tate Modern or Victoria.

London, the capital city of England and one of the world’s most exciting cities, is also an expensive place to live. This blog post will talk about some great places to live in London that are much more affordable than other neighborhoods. We’ll start by talking about what makes a neighborhood “affordable.” Then, let’s dive right in!

4. Stouffville

Stouffville is the perfect place to live if you want to be close enough to Toronto but far enough away that you have a little piece of heaven all your own. From hiking trails and fishing spots to golf courses and shopping centers, Stouffville has it all! It’s also home to one of the largest nature preserves in Ontario – Rouge Park. You can explore its vast wilderness on foot or by bike. So if you’re looking for an escape from city life without actually leaving it behind, Stouffville is the place for you!

Stouffville is a lovely town just north of Toronto, Canada. It’s known for its old-fashioned Main Street and beautiful natural surroundings; it’s also the perfect place to start your new life! So whether you’re looking for a quiet community or an exciting city center, Stouffville has what you need. This blog post will introduce you to all the best places to live in Stouffville and help answer some questions about this charming place.

5. Mississauga

Live in Mississauga Ontario

This blog post will explore the best places to live in Mississauga, a city with a population of 721,599. If you consider moving or just want to learn more about this diverse and fascinating city, then read on! I have included information on houses for sale in Mississauga, as well as schools and amenities that might be important to your family. You can also find out where I think some of the best parks are located in Mississauga. So if you’re looking for a new home or just want to know more about one of Ontario’s most popular cities, come along with me!

Where do you want to live? Mississauga is a booming city with many great places to live, from condos in the downtown core to luxurious mansions on the outskirts. So whether you’re looking for an urban or suburban lifestyle, there’s something that will suit your needs.  In this blog post, we’ll cover both up-and-coming and established neighborhoods as well as what they have to offer residents.

6. Hamilton

Various factors make Hamilton, Ontario, attractive to people looking for a new place to live. One factor is the low cost of living, which makes it easier on your wallet. Another reason is the clean environment and lack of pollution in the air. Finally, if you’re looking for a place with more nightlife activities, then you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of bars and clubs nearby!

Hamilton is the city of steel and smoke, but it has a lot to offer for those looking for an affordable place to live. It’s just over an hour away from Toronto, so you’ll still be able to experience all that big-city life has to offer without having to deal with the high cost of living. Here are some great places in Hamilton that will work well as your next home!

7. Oshawa

Live in Oshawa Ontario

Oshawa is home to Canada’s best places to live, with its affordable housing, excellent schools, and friendly neighborhoods. The city also has a lot of things for people to do whether they’re into sports, music or just relaxing. And when you’re not out exploring Oshawa’s many attractions, there are plenty of great restaurants that offer all sorts of cuisines.

The best places to live in Oshawa are the ones that make you feel at home. The ones where you can enjoy a walk during any weather or bike ride on a sunny day. Where you’ll find new friends living nearby with similar interests and have access to all of life’s essentials just moments away, we’re here to help you find your perfect place right now!

8. Kingston

Kingston, Ontario, is a city of about 100,000 residents. It’s located on the eastern shores of Lake Ontario and has many scenic views to enjoy! Kingston is known for its lakeside living, which makes it perfect for families with children. This article will be all about some of the best places to live in Kingston so you can find your neighborhood that suits you.

There are plenty of great neighborhoods in Kingston, such as Cataraqui Woods-Rockwood Park, Downtown Core, West End-Downtown Area, Princess Street Corridor-Kingston Mills Industrial Area, and more!

Kingston is the perfect place for those looking to settle down and live in a friendly, quiet town with plenty of amenities close by. There are so many neighborhoods to choose from with lovely houses too!  To help you decide on your new home, here are some of our favorite places to live in Kingston.

Not only is Kingston the capital of Jamaica, but it’s also a great place to live. It’s home to many beautiful beaches and lush hills, all within walking distance from one another. So if you’re looking for an urban lifestyle without too much hustle and bustle, then Kingston may be the perfect fit for you!

9. Windsor

Live in Windsor Ontario

Windsor, Ontario, is a city in Canada that borders Detroit and Michigan. People who live there say it’s the best place to live in Windsor. They love the culture, the people, and all of the great things they have to do for fun! If you’re looking for an awesome place to move to or just want some more information about what’s going on in Windsor, check out this blog post from the best places to live in ontario!

I’m not sure what it is about Windsor, but I can honestly say that this is one of the best places to live. The city has everything you could want and more! It’s an excellent place for families because there are so many awesome parks and activities for kids. Plus, it’s easy to find a job with all the new businesses being created.

Where is there a good balance between cost of living, work opportunities, and quality of life? What kind of lifestyle should you expect if you move to Windsor?  This article will explore these questions and more. First, we’ll take a look at what it would be like to live in different areas around the city.  There’s plenty for people looking for homes with space, including neighborhoods such as Riverside South East and Forest Glade North West. But if you’re on the hunt for an urban setting that offers quick access into downtown Toronto, then we recommend exploring Walkerville or Ojibway West area.


By 2020, it is projected that the population of Ontario will grow by 3.1 million people, and there will be a need for more homes to accommodate these new residents. If you are looking at where to live in Ontario, consider some of our top 9 cities chosen from across the province. All have plenty of opportunities for employment and quality schools and great infrastructure like public transit systems with connections to neighboring communities.



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