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Yoga As Career Option Decoded For You

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Yoga is something, we do not need to introduce to the world. It was already there. The yogic disciple is almost 5,000 years old. However, in the last two years, just after the pandemic hit the globe, there has been a change in mindset. Now, more than 350 million people practice yoga on a daily basis. Thus, the sector is quite popular for business as well as for employment. You can get a lucrative salary, if you happen to do a yoga course from a renowned school.

If you have been practicing yoga, that is a good thing. But there is a huge difference between learning and practicing yoga for the self, and doing it for others. Moreover, you have to develop a different mindset, if you want to practice yoga and teach others. That is what the 200 hours yoga teacher training in rishikesh is for.

Jobs That You Can Get After the Course

Yoga Course

Today, there is no shortage of jobs, if you complete a yoga ttc from a renowned school. You can start off as an intern. As an intern, you can teach others yoga under the guidance of a senior teacher. Many senior teachers and gurus have to spend substantial time, in meditation. So, you get a chance to teach others or guide others, under their tutelage. You will also gain a lot of experience in the process.

Secondly, you can also start out later on as a teacher. If you cannot get a teaching job right away after completing the course, you can join as an assistance teacher as well. Not many people have conviction in a new teacher. So, it is always better to teach in a renowned school, along with other teachers. The 200 hour online yoga teacher training is another pathway for you today. You can also open your own yoga school, after the completion of the online course. But it is always better, to gain some experience before taking the final plunge.

There is a current trend, wherein you can become a Digital Yoga Content Creator as well. You can start conducting free classes, after completing your course. Slowly, you will get subscribers. If you get a good number of them, and if you can showcase sufficient watch hours, you will soon become a Yoga Influencer. After people see you online and attend your free sessions, they might connect with you for paid offline classes.

So, you can see that the pathway is quite simple. However, you have to stick to it, with grit. Competition is high here, and so it is, in any other field. You should have the dedication and the determination to make the most of this career.

Getting Started

Yoga Class

If you have done your matriculation, or graduation, it is a good time to start the 200 hour online yoga teacher training. This is the standard eligibility to teach and you can do it online. You must ensure that you have some knowledge about the world, before you make that final decision to pursue a career in yoga. You can opt for 200-hours course, then the 300-hour course, and finally the 500-hour course. Apart from the courses mentioned here, you can also opt for other short-term courses. If you are mentally and physically fit, you can give your career a boost with yoga.

In the 200 hours yoga teacher training in rishikesh, you will be learning about the fundamentals of yoga. Most people think, that yoga is just about poses. However, the same is not true. It is much more than that. You will learn about several other aspects of yoga, like Pranayama, meditation, mantra and chanting, mudra, bandha, and kriyas. These make up the practical part of yoga. Additionally, you also need to master the theoretical part of yoga. There are tonnes of modules that you will have to master.

When you are teaching someone, the level of knowledge that you are supposed to have, is way higher than what you, as a self-healer learn or know about. You will be learning about the teaching pedagogy as well. There is a way, that teachers often adopt to teach different groups of students. You can categorize students into beginners, intermediates, and professionals. Your approach towards each group of students, has to be separate.

Making A Difference

the yoga subject

Apart from the yoga subject and modules, there is a lot more that can make a difference. When you decide to pursue the course, you should od it from a renowned school. A school which has been accredited by Yoga Alliance makes a huge difference. Such schools follow global standards of yoga education.  Now, there will be people, who tell you that this accreditation is not mandatory. However, you have to read about the benefits before deciding.

Having a Yoga Alliance certification can open up a million pathways for you. Firstly, you can teach anywhere across the globe as it is a global certification. Additionally, schools that follow this yoga board are above the rest. You can also apply for RYT or registered yoga teacher certification after completing the course. The accreditation brings with it, a whole lot of benefits. You can get updates of what is happening, and about all the latest occurrences in the yoga world. Apart from that, you can join an open community of like-minded people, who also give you support in your journey.

In the future, if you want to open your own yoga school abroad, you can get assistance through this board. So, the benefits of pursuing a 200 hours yoga teacher training in rishikesh are many.

Learning yoga in the lap of nature also has its benefits. So, you are basically making lots of profits on the way. This is one of the best ways you can avail yourself of a course in the Yoga Capital of the World. That is what Rishikesh is known as, around the world. The online course structure is the same, and you can pursue it, if you are not able to travel to Rishikesh. The benefits are the same. When you are comfortable, you can head for onsite classes. Experience the ashram life, when it is convenient for you.

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